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Designing a Brand Campaign for a Series A Car-tech Startup

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SureSale is the one-stop vehicle quality report that provides everything you need to know about a used car before making your purchase. SureSale is focused on providing both the buyers and sellers with all the necessary information required to decide on either purchasing a car or selling it.

Suresale intends to ensure that key information is made readily available to both the seller and the buyer before making any decision on a car, by analysing thousands of data points based on your car’s VIN, vehicle history, inspection and other sources.

The report includes reported accidents, vehicle history, the current condition verified by a technician, and so much more. There’s a huge knowledge gap in buying and selling used cars, which has led to a lot of frustrated people.

Our Task

Our role as a design agency was to help Suresale create social media contents that could drive conversion on both the newly developed website, and all of their social platforms.

With the task not just limited to static designs, we were to also come up with short marketing videos that could help drive the narrative and objective of suresale to its core targets.

Our Approach

Suresale needed design assets that communicated their messaging in such a way that would appeal to their core audience. So we thought to align with the content agency on the choice of copy to be used on the social assets.

It was paramount that we came to sink with the content agency, as bringing those words to design visuals was really a factor in the result that’s expected of the campaign. We considered every information, the necessary call to action, which after immersing ourselves in the brand and developing a creative brief, we decided to roll our sleeves and got to work on creating the social media assets.

Procedure and Vision

Facebook’s greatest selling point is text and image to get the attention of the audience and we intended to use that to tell the story of SureSale. Not only were we going to make an impression with a great copy but the designs were going to match the copy.

For our static design, we made use of the standard ratios
1080×1080 which is the best image size for facebook ad seeing as it’s in the square shape

1080×1920 is the ratio for facebook live and reels where you can share short videos up to 30 seconds long. Reel videos are always in the 1080×1920 vertical format.

1920×1080 which is commonly referred to as Full HD resolution. It is also referred to as 1080P Widescreen or 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Still making an impression, the goal was to communicate the copy with videos that speak to the target audience of the Sure Sale brand

We came up with three video ads created in two dimensions(720×720 and 1080×720) to help push the narrative.

The buyer AD gives this target audience a detailed insight into what happens when they choose to rely on the SureSale brand.
The seller AD explained to the target audience what they can gain when they choose to believe SureSale’s report.
The generic AD applies to both buyers and sellers, explaining what the Sure Sale quality standard is and what can be done with the information.

The Solution

The singular most important aspect of this campaign was to sell the SureSale vision and get an audience ready to receive it. Words that inform the target audience and catch images are not just useful but vital. We decided that this route would work best for the brand. Speaks to both sellers and buyers
Provides quality assurance for both parties

Procedure and Vision

We created videos with dimensions that fall within the social media guideline for content sizing, the same applies to the static designs.

Facebook which is amongst the most popular networks.

The result of this design campaign will succeed. The reason is simple: a large number of used car owners will hop on a platform that allows them to sell their cars with as little hassle as possible. The buyers who don’t want to sacrifice quality just because they want to get a used car would also give it a thumbs up. There is going to be a huge buzz on social networks because this product is a two-way street.

Animated Assets
Social Posts

Parting Thoughts

This was fun to work on. As always, we enjoy any project that allows us to turn pumpkins into carriages. People usually would look away from used cars because of the problem that usually comes with it especially when there’s no one to guarantee it.

We absolutely loved helping SureSale tell its story more vividly and letting everyone know that whether you buy a used car from a website, a dealership or your neighbour, you can be sure you’re getting a quality used car with SureSale.