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Product strategy, design, and go-to-market for a new line of skincare products to improve brand equity with millennials


Done-for-you augmentation to support large scale enterprise software development projects


Drove user user research and created product marketing campaigns to elevate positioning and drive product adoption


End-to-end product development and product marketing to create, build, and launch dozens of disruptive features


Strategic advisory on process improvement and supply chain strategy to drive cost savings


Creative direction and production on strategic campaigns and exclusive events, featuring stars like Cardi B


Creative direction and content production for corporate brand marketing campaigns


Go to market strategies for global launches and campaigns that spanned millions of users and across more than 140 countries 

Dozens of testimonials from clients and partners

We worked with the Black Lotus team to rebrand our company and redesign our app. We had already built a working product and secured the support of investors. But we wanted to create an experience that would delight, drive continual engagement, and scale. Malik and his team were strong partners all the way through. We came to them with a vision for where our company was going and we left with the product and marketing foundation to help us get there. I’d recommend Black Lotus to anyone looking to design for growth!

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft | Ex-Twitter

Appdrop is a company we launched after my time at Google. We’re a suite of no-code software designed to help businesses build mobile apps without writing a single line of code. We had momentum from first party apps we created and seized the opportunity to become prize winners of Pharrell Williams’ inaugural Black Ambition Prize competition. We were initially introduced to Malik after his time at Facebook. He and his team were instrumental in helping us rebrand and relaunch a first party app we created called Arise: Christian Audio. After they redesigned the app, it was like night and day. We couldn’t wait to start development. They gave us a scalable design system, a new brand identity, and new features to drive engagement. The process was smooth and thorough. We didn’t have to lift a finger. We just provided the vision, and they made it happen. I’d recommend the Black Lotus team to any founder or startup who is serious about their product and design. The ROl is unquestionable!

Ex-Digital Marketing Manager @ Google

We worked with the Black Lotus team worked on a project together at Facebook and I was immensely impressed by their product marketing skills, which helped take our project from zero to one. They then introduced me to the right people to scale the project beyond what we built. They were great collaborators who were always enthusiastic and passionate about what we were working on which kept the team engaged. They were also great at building the team to get the right people we needed to execute. Overall they are rockstars you want on your team!

Product Manager @ Stripe | Ex-Facebook

The team listened and worked to truly understand what I was looking to achieve and ensured it came through strongly in the design and branding. They kept me posted every step of the way and made it a very collaborative process. They brought to life exactly what I had in mind. After walking me through the back end, they had no problem helping me bounce ideas as various questions arose. They also connected me with a colleague who was working with MTV to spotlight my creative platform, reaching a larger audience than I could not have imagined after being live for such a short amount of time. I’d recommend Black Lotus to anyone with web design and branding needs!!

Team Lead @ Google | Ex-Thrive Global

The Black Lotus team are extremely insightful and meticulous designers. They were responsive, attentive to detail and inquisitive on our opinions and design focus. The crux of his success was their gift for open, straightforward and articulate communication. They excel at keeping communication flowing without being burdensome with time or requirements on our part. They excel at designing with the end client in mind while not losing focus on simplicity. No doubt our ROI with Black Lotus has been one of the best investments we made. We will keep working with the team as our needs evolve and expand. I’d recommend Black Lotus to anyone with web design and consulting needs.

CEO, Estate Guru

I worked with Black Lotus on the design of a mobile application where they performed exceptionally. They are passionate designers who brought us along each step during the pre-design and design process with clear and open communication. Most importantly for me, they challenged us to think hard about our target audience and helped us unpack any assumptions and presumptions ahead of the design process. I would recommend Black Lotus to anyone with UX design needs.

Strategy Consultant, KPMG

I worked with Malik and Black Lotus to create a news archive on FriendsofUNFPA.org, and recommend working with them. Malik and his team listened to our needs and concerns and made sure that the end product would not simply look nice but would meet our operational needs and fit into our existing website. What we now have is a tool that keeps people engaged in our website and places our content front and center. It is also incredibly easy to use and requires no additional staff time to maintain.

Ex-Director of Communications @ United Nations Population Fund, USA

Malik and his team are creative thinkers. They obsess over the details that most overlook, but make all the difference. I came to Malik with a rough idea and vision of the product experience for my desktop app. Malik came back with a product and brand strategy that greatly exceeded our expectations. They went deep and discovered cultural insights to inform the product. The foundation we created made our go-to-market launch even easier. Black Lotus’ creative skills are complemented by their mastery of storytelling. They gave us a product that we feel beats everything on the market right now. We couldn’t be happier!

Senior Software Engineer @ Lyft | Ex-Microsoft

I only worked with Malik for a few months, but during that time, he became affectionately known on our team as “The Thinker.” He makes decisions thoughtfully and pushes projects forward in a systematic fashion – identifies the problem, weighs options rationally, considers consequences, and executes intentionally. In many tech companies, where people tend to move fast at all costs, I appreciated that Malik never needed to make the tradeoff between speed and critical thought – both happened in tandem. Malik often volunteered to lead projects that taught him a new skill, cultivated critical thinking across our team, and was always open to feedback. Malik – thanks for everything!

Head of Marketing @ Updater | Digital Marketing 40 Under 40

Thank you for doing such a great job managing our global launch process to over 140 countries over the past 4 months. We really appreciate all the work you’ve done to keep our cross functional team well-prepared with the go to market strategy and briefing materials. Your help kept us on track for coordinating with our regional colleagues.

Global Product Policy @ TikTok | Ex-Facebook

Shout out to Malik and team for helping to pull together a Go to Market Strategy and user stories for our team. This was an ask that was above and beyond and I appreciate his quick response and willingness to help. Thank you for bringing Facebook Marketplace’s presence to life at this year’s F8 (Meta’s biggest event of the year). This was a super tight turnaround with late nights, as well as a lot of ambiguity and some obstacles along the way. I appreciate everyone’s dedicated support to help make this event happen, this could not have been done without each of you.

Product Marketing Lead @ Facebook | Ex-Eventbrite, Ex-Unilever, Ex-Oliver Wyman

Thank you Malik for setting the stage for a nuanced and inspiring conversation with our users. This took our work to the next level. Thank you for your help in planning and developing the strategy for our last Represent leadership lab. It was such a great space for our community to come together.

Marketing Director @ Lionsgate | Ex-Youtube, Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook

Thanks Malik for the detailed analysis of user behavior patterns on Facebook Marketplace. This is amazingly helpful for refining how we build and launch our new features.

Engineering Manager @ Facebook | Ex-Microsoft

Thank you for putting together an amazing panel discussion for our user research. You hustled to make it happen despite being thrown curve balls. Your research facilitation skills really shined during the panel discussion. You produced so many great learnings for the team that impacted our design and roadmap.

Product Marketing Lead @ Facebook | Ex-PayPal

Thank you for getting the team in excellent shape for our Beta launch this week. Thanks to you we’ve gotten incredible feedback on one of our biggest launches!

Product Lead @ Facebook | Ex-Amazon, Ex-American Express

Thank you team for your role in onboarding research to the needs and pain joints of our users. Your patience, insights and engagement allowed us to put together a user research plan. Thank you for your support and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Senior UX Researcher @ Facebook

Thank you Malik and Black Lotus for all the good work you have been doing with our users. It’s so cool seeing you engage with users and gracefully handle the challenges that come. Thank you for uncovering an important part of the Facebook Marketplace ecosystem and making sure we stay honest to our user needs.

Senior UX Researcher @ Google | Ex-Instagram, Ex-Facebook

Malik and the Black Lotus team are superstars in the making. They provided high level advice on how to restructure my strategy. They carry a no-quit attitude through adversity, which I admire. They have a knack for creating opportunities out of very little and will continue to make an impact.

Product Manager @ Yahoo

Thanks to your Go to Market Strategy, the journalists were super receptive and fascinated with the app, like I said, I want to work with this team for every product!

Maria Cristina
Head of Public Public Policy, Latam @ Facebook | Ex-Google

These are awesome learnings, thanks Malik for being the voice of our users and helping us develop our strategy for the next 6 months!

Head of Product | Ex-Meta, Ex-Teach for America, Stanford MBA

Your contributions helped us shape a story that will support the company’s growth while highlighting the unique culture of the community. Thank you for helping us grow!

Marketing Lead @ Facebook

Malik and team, you were awesome at connecting the stories and extracting learnings from our research!

Product Manager @ Facebook | Ex-Microsoft, Harvard MBA

Thank you Malik and team for your creative problem solving and lighting speed turn around on our marketing videos!

Ex-Creative Lead @ Facebook

The team showed great leadership in how they pulled things together!

Product Marketing Manager @Facebook | Stanford MBA

Thank you for helping us launch our new feature on WhatsApp!

Staff Engineer @ Plaid | Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook

Thank you Malik and team. You all did a terrific job and provided thoughtful perspectives on strategy.

Creative Director @ Instagram

Thanks for putting an awesome research recruitment plan to alpha test our new community commerce features on Facebook Marketplace.

Senior Product Manager @ Facebook

Thank you for sharing knowledge and experiences not just from working here at Facebook but in your professional careers. Very humbled to hear your stories.

Manager @ Instagram

Malik and Black Lotus are amazing. They are very patient and open. They are very good at what they do. It’s been an honor and I would recommend their consulting to anyone and everyone.

PR @ Volta Farms

Mālik’s professionalism and authenticity coupled with expertise in his field of domain make him an extremely rare find. Look no further if you’re seeking someone with personality, charisma, and just raw talent to lead you and/or your team for design or strategy needs. It was a pure pleasure to learn from Mālik during my time working with him. I look forward to our many, future collaborations!

Researcher @ NYU

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