Our Story

The Lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment through overcoming the struggle. The Lotus is born in the pond’s dark muds, it’s roots give rise to a stem that reaches up through the water into the world. From the stem evolves a bud, tiny at first, which grows into a flower. It blooms above the water and slowly opens its petals to the sun, where creates beauty for all to see.

How can something so beautiful emerge from the murkiest swamps? It’s innate in the Lotus to rise above it’s circumstances. It bloms unscathed, and untouched.

Our struggles came to make us, not break us. As entrepreneurs, we’ve been through the struggle of trying to bring ideas into the world. We’ve dealt with failure, rejection, and resource constraints. We know what it’s like to go at it all alone, feeling like there’s no one you can turn to for help.

But when we were in the depths of the swamp, we found a way out. We unlocked our superpowers. We learned the art of empathizing and understanding user needs. We mastered the craft of designing intuitive products that engage and delight. We’ve built products and startups from scratch. We’ve developed battle tasted business strategies that create results.

why we do it

The only thing more fulfilling than building is helping others build. We’ve dedicated our lives to building and serving. There’s no greater fulfillment than making a difference for someone. The combo of entrepreneurship, tech, education, and community can help make a difference at scale.

Everyone has a gift and should live in their purpose. We help people realize and manifest those gifts.

As childhood entrepreneurs, we know how precious it is to bring an idea to life. Thanks to failed startups, we know the mistakes that cost you everything.

We love seeing new ideas bloom. There’s something special about the spark of creativity that spurs entrepreneurs to action. But there are so many people with great ideas, who don’t happen to speak the language of design

That’s why our mission is to democratize access to expertise, resources, and education for founders and the community at large.

our focus areas

Creator Economy

Community Building


our approach

Black Lotus is a venture studio on a mission to build the next generation of innovators.
New companies are being started every day. Your product, user experience, and branding matters more than ever. We help startups stay ahead of the pack by providing done-for-you design, development, and marketing services. We can help you rebrand from the ground up. Build and launch your next app, website, store, or digital platform. Or we can help you go viral on social media Clients choose us because of our handcrafted design process.

We start by finding the intersection between user needs, business goals, and market opportunity. Then we turn into your private investigator to help you analyze your competitors to stay 10 steps ahead. We outline some creative concepts and directions that capture the brand vision. Then we map out how the product will work and what it will look like. Once we ‘ve finished putting all the pretty pixels together. We getstart ready to building.

Our marketing is grounded in consumer insights, creative trends, and content best practices.
We take a data driven approach to finding the right audience, message, and delivery.
We help you go viral and find your loyal fans along the way.
We’ve launched dozens of businesses. We’ve launched products to millions of people.

Our team has worked with many household brands. Our content has generated 10M+ views. In many cases we’ve driven 2x better engagement and CTR.

What we do

Product Design

Just bring the idea. We’ll handle the rest. Let us design your app, product, or website.


We’re a lean, clean, coding machine. We can build your next or product with no fuss.

Product Marketing

Need a promo video, social campaign, or assets for your next campaign? We got you.

Lets Create Something Great