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Bespoke Trust Management Made Simple

Services Design, Development, PR

The Challenge

Encore trusts is a bespoke trust management company and since 1996 they’ve managed over 300 trusts. Before Encore and similar firms emerged, many sophisticated financial services were relegated to ultra high net worth individuals alone. Encore Trusts changes all this by providing a turnkey family office service for individuals with less than $30MM in net worth. Their service simplifies many of the complex administrative duties involved with managing trusts and similar financial vehicles. 

Up until the launch of the site, all of their business was done through relationships and word of mouth. But they started to realize their sales reps were getting the same types of questions again and again, and this worsened with time. So they came to us to build a simple website to market their services and educate clients on the complexities of trust management. 


  • Market their trust management services
  • Provide educational content hub for potential clients

User Experience

Marketing their services

In our early session with the team, we discovered that the target persona valued simplicity over flashiness. Their main goal was to get specific information about trusts or complete the questionnaire.

We let the landing page do a lot of the heavy lifting with regards to marketing. We leverage imagery that shows the clients where they could be if they let Encore handle all the pesky details. The page also helps the person determine whether now is the right time and whether Encore is the right firm. This is done by:

  • Allowing clients to self qualify
  • Explaining how the service is differentiated
  • Establishes credibility by highlighting their track record.

Education and Qualifying Leads

We also helped them build a robust education center with more details on various types of trusts and use cases. This allowed clients to learn more about the vehicle best for them. To drive lead capture, we included a CTA on all of the education article pages. So at any point, when the client felt ready to move on to the next step, they were only one click away.

User Experience

By helping Encore establish their web presence and educate their clients, we were able to generate an additional 28% in lead conversions.
Malik is an extremely insightful and meticulous designer. He was responsive, attentive to detail and inquisitive on our opinions and design focus. The crux of his success was his gift for open, straightforward and articulate communication. He excels at keeping communication flowing without being burdensome with time or requirements on our part. He excels at designing with the end client in mind while not losing focus on simplicity. No doubt our ROI with Malik has been one of the best investments we made. We will keep working with Malik as our needs evolve and expand. I’d recommend Malik to anyone with web design and consulting needs.


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