Elevating the Luxury Shopping Experience for an Ambitious New Brand

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The story of luxury begins with a simple recipe, Rarity, Prestige and Quality and cannot be complete without a certain exclusive status and being made of the best materials possible.

Luxury and being luxurious is buying into the belief of having the very best without compromise. Because nothing else will suffice.

The team behind the Mosei brand intends for you to have the luxury you deserve while making sure it doesn’t have to be expensive. This is the major reason why the whole product line was put together.

This Mosei collection will not just be a one-stop shop for all your luxurious products but will also focus on your necessary products because we want to give you what you need.

Target Audience

This brand is for people within the age bracket of 25-60, who are into style, who want products characterized by a high level of quality and exclusivity. This luxury brand presents many different products, from accessories, fragrances to kitchenware and decor.

The Challenge

The luxurious story has been sold to the average buyer as not being easy to find. The buyer has a problem that he or she faces when it comes to the luxurious products they desire and being able to afford them without breaking their piggy bank or diving into the ocean’s deepest point or reaching for the clouds from the highest mountain.

The Thought Process

Creating a platform that exudes luxury at first glance and still welcomes the average spender with an experience so worth it that they choose to return was paramount in our decision phase. Beyond it as a website filled with luxurious but necessary products, we needed to get an in-depth insight into the underlying factors that relate to the brand in itself.

The Solution

Logo Design

Our first step was to design the logo and product icon. We held a design meeting with the client to understand their proposed identity and vision for the brand in order to gather inspiration.

Our goal was to create a logo that would easily communicate what the product was and also symbolized the vision and value of the product. To communicate this, we explored several different ideas, including:

Using icons that symbolizes the strength of the brand
Logos that symbolized the concept of luxury shopping
A Lettermark logo
Alphabetical representations

After much deliberation and design, we leaned towards the logo which combines the use of letters and an animal icon that represents the narrative of the brand. The stakeholders saw the improved design, and were captivated by the aesthetic appeal it gave at first sight. The intent for us was to design something simple, but differentiating at the same time.

User Experience

The user experience of this website was to be built around exploring and ensuring engagement with the various content in each category of products with seamless and exciting to navigate at the same time. So we had to split the focus into the home feed experience, product category pages, browsing experience, checkout, and payment.

Before moving on with the concept at hand, we still needed to align with the client on some very crucial things about the product and its user, because for us as a design agency taking your stakeholders along in every decision making process is key.

Business Goal

  • Build a one-stop shopping website space for lovers of affordable luxury while creating a platform that stands out.
  • Make shopping fun, fast and easy for every kind of shopper on Mosei collection
  • Create a user experience that makes one-time buyers become customers

User Goal

  • As a user, I want to open the website and see different products tailored to my specific needs. Buy accessories, kitchen wares, fragrances, art decor or just browse for a later purchase.

User Archetypes

  • Browsing Shopper
  • One-time Shopper
  • Product focused Shopper
  • Bargain-hunting Shopper
  • Researching Shopper

Who is the website for?

  • Everyone who is a lover of luxurious items.

Business Goal

  • Build a one-stop shopping website space for lovers of affordable luxury while creating a platform that stands out.
  • Make shopping fun, fast and easy for every kind of shopper on Mosei collection
  • Create a user experience that makes one-time buyers become customers

Business Goal

  • Build a one-stop shopping website space for lovers of affordable luxury while creating a platform that stands out.
  • Make shopping fun, fast and easy for every kind of shopper on Mosei collection
  • Create a user experience that makes one-time buyers become customers


  • Luxury is attainable but it has not always been sold as that. Our goal was to make the experience of shopping on Mosei portray that.
  • The visual design direction of the brand was intended to see and connect everyone interested in the luxurious lifestyle.
  • The avid shopper has an idea of what they are searching for and to keep a shopper staying on the Mosei website, the design, colours, font, and display images have to be tailored to keep the shopper till checkout.
One primary colour was selected to anchor; Black with two secondary colours; Intelligent Orange and Pure White to not only drive home the main point of luxury but also to relate with the shopper as they head towards the shopping cart.

Web Design & Development

The final product is the design of the website. It was implemented with the look and feel of luxury in mind. Using the right type of imagery was important to the output of the design, because we understand the impact an array of poor quality images will have on the product. Having full creative control with little to no interruptions allowed the design output to be as close to perfection as possible. Every intending customer is welcomed to the Mosei collection on the home page while allowing for a brief look through products available.

The Discover Button leads to all the products available in the collection. It gives the shopper the opportunity to browse through product categories, filter by price and adjust shopping settings.

Clicking on any product of the shoppers choice allows the shopper to view the said product with four to five different views and then the description of the product.

Product Categories are displayed to allow the shopper to get a glance at the array of products available under the Mosei collection.

Candles & Accessories

Thinking about an intimate look for a part of your home? This category showcases the candles available in different scents and the accessories that can be used with them.

Lamps & Decor

What is your space without the right decor?
With different styles and ranges, this category gives you lamps, paintings and artwork that gives your space the WOW effect.

Wine & Champagne

This category offers all the glasses, tumblers or flutes needed for your bar. This category displays different champagne glasses based off their sizes and shapes.


For a vast array of trays, plates, bowls, cups and tableware sets, this is the category you need.


Your fashion style says a lot about you. This category gives you the opportunity to say the right thing with the different kinds of clothes available to you.


This included a non-stressful approach to capturing the customer’s data after they have carted some products. This enables the customer to purchase a product by filling out a payment flow, while we also make sure that their preferred delivery method is put into consideration.

The shopper has the chance to increase the number of the product before adding it to his or her cart. A shopper can confirm if they are a returning customer or if they have a coupon code they would like to use.
Billing details are put in and an option to create an account is available. The shopper can proceed to pay with either PayPal, Credit or Debit cards.

Marketing Assets

For the marketing assets, we leveraged an imagery pattern that pounds on the concept of luxury shopping.. We discovered that one of the most exciting things about other shopping platforms was their ability to use a luxury inspired background in order to create their assets. This was a well thought out design approach, with an excellent delivery of class and style.

We leveraged this by creating our own set of backgrounds, including layouts that display luxury shopping products, colorful gradients, and a combination of luxury centered colors.

Parting Thoughts

The story of luxury does not have an end. It’s like the song that doesn’t literally end because it goes on and on.

It’s luxury, you have, do and be.

It was a pleasure to work on this project, bringing to life the team’s idea and running with it to create what will be a compulsory stop for all luxurious shoppers.
We have our eyes on one or two products already and we cannot wait to shop.
See you on the other side of the checkout.