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Launching Jamaica’s #1 Youth Nonprofit

Services Design, Development

The Challenge

Operation help the people is Jamaica’s #1 youth-led nonprofit. Over the past 5 years, they’ve mobilized 1,000+ volunteers and impacted the lives of 40,000 people. But their organization didn’t have a real online presence beyond social media. This made it difficult to

  • Recruit volunteers
  • Raise money
  • Showcase their impact
  • And take their brand to the next level

The Solution

We started with a discovery session to help them identify their key audiences, needs, and what they needed to accomplish on the website. Our vision was to design a web experience that was visually engaging, simple, and easy to use, facilitated one-time/recurring donations, and volunteer registrations.

Primary Insight

When it comes to cause-driven organizations, it’s important to establish an emotional connection with the user around the problem being solved. We did this through visual storytelling

Establishing trust and credibility

Establishing credibility was another huge focus. To do this, we worked with them to figure out which data points we could surface to clearly show the impact of the organization. We then highlighted all of their past partnerships and press features. And we made sure to let donors know what they can expect when they invested in the cause.

Highlighting their impact and track record

We helped promote organizational accountability and give donors a way to experience the projects firsthand. The site also featured a robust portfolio page detailing all past projects, as well as a hub of documentaries and project footage.

Designing a Compelling User Experience for Donors and Volunteers

We made sure to incorporate Call-to-Actions throughout the websites to ensure donors and volunteers were never more than 1 click away from a donation or a signup.

When they arrive, they’re greeted with an opportunity to get involved, shots of the team in action, context on how donations are used, and a recap of how they’ll stay involved post-contribution.

Since the site launch over a year ago, the team has seen a bump in overall and recurring donations. Not bad if I do say so myself.

If you’d like to learn more about potential projects, feel free to shoot me a ping.
Till next time — own your power, give back, and leave no stone unturned.
Black Lotus Out.