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Creating a Digital Hub for Multifaceted Fitness Brand

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The Challenge

Vernon founded OG fitness in early 2020 and since it’s inception the business has taken off like a rocket ship. He originally came to us to help him design a hybrid fitness and social media app that would help scale his business. But what good is a product if you don’t have a way for people to find you, learn more, and opt-in to your funnel?

Vernon’s business has been growing quickly, so he needed a website to:

  • Catalog and promote the suite of products and services
  • Build trust and credibility in his work
  • Automate his client intake and onboarding process

So the Black Lotus swooped in to save the day.

The Solution

User Experience

As always, we started by aligning on the goals of the site. Then we defined the content and information architecture needed to achieve those goals. We landed on 8 primary pages that mapped to each of our 3 objectives.

Visual Design

Everything about the brand and personality says strength, encouragement, striving. This is brought to life by:

  • Vernon’s charisma, high energy, and desire to serve
  • The Go-getter attitude of the entire OG tribe
  • The accelerated and transformational results Vernon creates for his clients in record breaking time

We communicate this through the design using the following:

  • A dark themed and high-contrast design
  • A strong, punchy and impactful font
  • Creating movement throughout the design to speak to the “Active” theme.

The web design will build off of those same principles, but now we have a larger canvas to play with. So we used larger, more vivid images, incorporated more graphic design elements, and to make the app standout. From a design perspective, we leaned into the theme of isolating the subject from an image and creating a custom background that really emphasizes the strength and tone of the subject.

Product Promotion

As of now, OG fitness has 4 different types of products. Each product type requires a unique approach and functionality.

Personal training programs: Online and in person workout plans
Workout gear and fitness apparel: Custom products and merchandise
Screen printing services: Done for you clothing design services for local businesses
The fitness app: A hybrid client-trainer and social media app

Personal Training Programs

To sell personal training programs, we designed a pricing page that listed each of the packages, the benefits, and the pricing.
In our customer interviews we learned that the business’ pricing model was one of the things people loved the most. Personal training can often be expensive, so OG decided to allow people to pay for their packages in bi-weekly installments.

So we integrated Stripe into the site. Despite the popularity of installment payments, OG didn’t have an evergreen membership program. So after 16 weeks, clients would fall off or have to re-book. Both of which are inconvenient for the business and the customer.

So we helped them launch their first membership product so that they could have an easier way to drive recurring revenue.

There are often multiple steps in the customer journey, especially with personal improvement purchases. We wanted to make sure we included some selling points for anyone who was on the edge and needed an extra push. So we created a section that articulated all of the unique selling points of training with OG — “We care more about you more than anything” An appeal to emotion coupled with a list of benefits that show how OG is willing to do anything to make it work. They’re willing to meet you halfway, so all you have to do is take the first step.

If customers are still unsure, we created a freebie product to get them started. Customers can get a custom workout plan and get advice on their fitness goals through a complimentary consultation. This call-to-action is present throughout the site because that’s the lowest friction way to get people to engage if they’re not already decided.

Workout Gear and Fitness Apparel

No matter how great of a trainer you are, you can only train so many people at once. OG launched a new clothing line to help them generate semi-passive revenue outside of training.

Vernon did a great job of building a community of true believers and raving fans. People really love OG Fitness and they show it. So a clothing line is the perfect pivot. Fitness and fashion are best friends. People want to look cool when they work out. All the more reason to get your merchandise from your favorite small business.

Building off the foundation of the clothing line, we helped them improve their e-commerce strategy by launching dropshipping product line as well. Dropshipping is a great way to build semi-passive revenue without incurring any overhead. We helped them think bigger by going beyond a clothing line and curating products that would add value for clients all the way along their fitness journey. The goal was to curate evergreen products that were essentials. Low-ticket basics that everyone needs and buys repeatedly. Water bottles, wrist wraps, waist trainers, yoga mats, etc. These are every day purchases that people don’t think twice about, so it’s an easy sell. Even more so because with COVID millennials would rather support small businesses for everyday goods.

Screen Printing Services: Done for You Clothing Design for Local Businesses

To launch their clothing line, Vernon invested a lot into in-house manufacturing supplies and equipment. As he was vlogging his process, other small businesses who also needed screen printing services started reaching out for help.

It was the AWS effect — if you have all this equipment, why not put it to use in other ways? Before the OG fitness clothing line launched, Vernon had already done custom engagements for 5 local businesses.

We helped him create a streamlined way to get new business inquiries. Before the site, everything was done via email. Now they have a streamlined intake form where clients can upload files and outline all of the specs they need for the job. After submitting their RFP, clients can book an appointment to chat through the details of the job live.

This helped Vernon and the team save a lot of time, reduce complexity, and streamline their processes.

The Next Generation Fitness App

As part of this engagement, we helped the team design a hybrid fitness and social media app. We helped them create an app that gives people a personal trainer and fitness community in their pocket — almost like “Gymstagram.” People can post content, track their progress, schedule in person workouts, access a library of online home fitness programs, and connect with trainers.
The app is still in development, but wanted to create a custom landing page to promote it ahead of time and drive sign ups. Since the app has unique benefits for clients and trainers, we created 2 versions of the app page that speak to each audience. We list out all of the benefits and articulate them in a way that is easy to skim and focused on the end user.

Building Credibility

Building trust and credibility is often one the primary goals of service businesses. People need to trust you and believe in your product before they make a purchase decision. In fitness people care about 2 things: 1) the results you’ve been able to achieve for past clients, and 2) the trainer. If someone is going to invest in personal training services they want to know that your programs work, for you and for clients.

We solved for this by creating pages that spoke to client results and the trainer’s journey. The testimonials page highlights 30-day transformations and emotional stories from past clients. We took the best transformations and created a carousel that people can swipe through on the home page. This provides another entry point and gives people a gist of what’s possible without making them go through the whole page.

To build trust in the trainer, we created an about page that shares Vernon’s journey to fitness, his mission, and his promise to all his clients. This helps people form a personal connection with the face of the business. We also included a photo library of the trainer’s fitness transformation to show that he eats his own dogfood. Finally, we include logistical information on his availability and give people an option to book a free consultation if they’re ready.

Automating client intake

Customer Journey

Service businesses often bring us in to help digitize and automate their business processes. In this case, we helped OG use the website to handle every step of the client journey. We have a free consultation page that’s integrated with Calendly. We used Stripe to handle the subscription payments and Paypal for online purchases.

2 of the main goals of the app was to create a library of on demand online workouts and allow people to book in person sessions. But since the app is still in development we helped the team design website equivalents stay nimble. We created a web template for them to share workout plans. We also created a custom scheduling feature that allows people to RSVP for which days and times they want. The scheduling feature was important because most people book the unlimited package which allows them to get as many workouts as they want in a 16 week time frame. So its important for them to get their sessions on the calendar so they can move towards their goals.

Parting Thoughts

Looking back this project was really meaningful. Vernon is the true definition of a 21st century solopreneur. He got into fitness because he went to the doctor one day and they told him he was risking an early death if he didn’t change his lifestyle. This wake up call propelled him to transform his health and pursue greatness in all aspects of life. That’s why the OG in OG Fitness stands for “Only Greatness.”

On a whim, he began blogging and documenting his journey and this attracted a community. So he decided to turn his story into a business. He’s early in the process and he has his hands in a lot of pots. This can be exciting but it can also get overwhelming.

By helping him launch this website, we’ve helped him establish a foundation and business processes that help him save time and energy. There’s no better feeling than knowing you helped make someone’s lives easier. The clients benefit, the trainer benefits, everybody wins. With a few simple moves, we’ve helped him build a foundation to scale his business to six figures and beyond. That’s impact. That’s what we come to work every day for.

That’s Black Lotus.
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