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Designing Product Education Assets for a Kids Messaging App

Services Design, Development, PR/Communications

The Challenge

Messenger Kids is a messaging app for kids. It’s designed to be fun for kids and controlled by parents. This creates the perfect training wheels for social media for your 6–12 yo kids. The app was launched in 2017 but experienced an explosion of growth due to schools closures and social distancing.

During this growth phase, we were tasked with creating some educational assets to help parents better understand and get started with the product.


The goal was to create a series of one pagers/infographics that explain the core app functionality and help newly onboarded parents. The content had to be:

  • Visuals
  • Easy to understand
  • Shareable

The Challenge

The content is featured on the website and social media channels, which had a combined reach of 3.1M.+

We leveraged previous research to determine which aspects of the experience to prioritize. We assembled a team to create 4 one pagers covering:

  • How to add friends
  • Getting started Messenger Kids
  • All the parental controls available

What the product is and how to use it

We created a set of 4 one pagers and 8 videos explaining core product features that were popular internally and externally. We wrote the content, defined the creative strategy, worked with 2 designers, and managed 4 rounds of stakeholder feedback. We also designed the promotional assets myself to ensure we were able to ship while MK was experiencing growth.

The Result

  • The asset we designed was the #1 most highly engaged content across Facebook (51.7k reach, 2.3k engagement)and Instagram (5% engagement rate, #2 in likes and #1 in comments).
  • Despite only having 1/3rd of the reach as our top FB post (172k reach, 577 engagement), the one pagers had 4x the engagement.
  • #1 most engaged post on FB (51.6k reach, 1k engagement) and instagram (6% engagement rate) for the month of May.
  • The brief we wrote was applauded by Senior leadership.
  • Customer segments and value prop design
  • Leveraged in our international policy and comms briefings
  • Tweeted by the #1 safety official in AU, one of our toughest markets