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Simplifying Warranties for the Modern World 

One App – The Solution
Product Design


Evaluwit is an App designed to help consumers of products access, track, and manage all their warranties across all of their personal product purchases. It saves people time of scrambling through various warranty paperwork, and becomes a central hub for the user’s warranties.

Evaluwit was founded because consumers are being treated as end-users in the warranty management category instead of the singular source of truth which they are.

The Challenge

The digital age of information has seen a high rise in making the best and effective use of individual and institutional processes which in turn causes a rise in technological solutions designed to help the modern consumer but still causes consumer anxiety, inefficient spending and nonexistent coordination.

Evaluwit wants to decentralise information to the modern customer and offer innovative solution that would empower them. This made evaluwit decided to create an App that helps with this in the simplest way possible.

Our Task

The team at Evaluwit wants to help the average buyer track every expense type that has previously not been tracked, get quick purchase to third party warranty coverage or extend existing coverage, but wants it done in a novel way using novel technology.

This novel idea in which Evaluwit is tracking has not been tracked before or done in such a way that is seamless for the consumer.

The goal for us was to come up with an app that would not only be the consumer’s personal finance tracker but that would also be highly consumable, grab attention, work for all age groups and be highly engaging at the same time.

Since the idea is new and not resembling anything formerly known to consumers, it would make sense that the App follows suit.

Our Solution

The goal was to use 3 of the 5 W’s

WHO is Evaluwit for?

We wanted anyone who can afford to buy any products directly from a manufacturer, or a third party distributor to have an engaging on-board experience with one purpose, to track their existing warranty while still keeping it simple. We decided this was our goal from the login to laying claim to a warranty.

WHAT will Evaluit do?

The KPI’s of each warranty either manufacturer warranty or third party, the deals leveraged and the specific product tracked

WHEN can Evaluwit be used?

We wanted Evaluwit to be an App that the consumer would make use of everyday. Beyond just a warranty app, we wanted more like a power bank where consumers can get insights on things that has to do with product purchases, and warranties.

Survey & Questionnaire

For us to better understand the needs and priorities of the project, we had to run an analysis research to see companies who currently play in this space, what they are doing, how they do it, and the results they’ve achieved. We then discovered that the missing piece was in understanding the major objective of the functionality of the app.

Our research then propelled us to design a questionnaire for the client to get an in-depth insight of the brand, its background, vision, value proposition, target audience, audience demographic, and design taste. Beyond just designing an App, it was paramount for us to understand the product from both the brand angle and the consumer’s POV.

The survey gave us insight into Evaluwit, the expectation they have, the pain-point they are looking at fixing, essential information that was needed to better design a responsive and engaging App in order to foster a desirable and successful engagement with future users. In addition, the survey was important for identifying the needs, and offerings, as it relates to their proposed target audience.

User Experience

Thinking through the design outlook, and functionality of the App, the structure was created using details gotten from the questionnaire and research previously done.

What makes Evaluwit so special is the fact that it allows the consumer access, track and manage the whole process of warranties in a different way. To communicate this to the consumer through the design we put together, we created an app to connect the consumer to what exactly they needed at any point with the easiest flow in a different way.

Paying attention to the brand colours, choice of fonts, and tone of the app, we ensured that the experience begins with a feel of all these pointers.

Splash screen

The App opens up with the the tech navy colour and the evaluwit arrows converging which is synonyms with the user and evaluwit working together. Each of the colours used in designing the App plays an essential role in enforcing this effect.

Login & Sign up Flow

With Evaluwit, we designed an easy to access login flow that ensures the user gets multiple options for accessing their account.

The user gets to run a security authentication at signup using either a finger print function or a face id function aside the usual password format that most applications use. you can begin tracking all your warranties with a simple registration flow that takes a short amount of time while still keeping up to then recent security standards.


Right after sign up or login, the user is educated on the necessary steps to take in the app, starting from the product scanning feature in the app.

The product scanning feature makes it easy for the consumer to quickly scan a product using their phone camera, or manually inputting the details of the product.

Home Screen

With the integration of a flywheel feature, the consumer is able to navigate between a manufacturer warranty type, and a third party warranty provider easily without any form of confusion

We made sure to create a personalized experience customized mainly for the consumer, by asking questions that relates to the user’s buying pattern, and in so doing gamified the process, such that the user is awarded a point at every answer given.

Catalog Flow

This section allows users to view the different brands that Evaluwit covers and all the warranty providers including the offers available for eligibility on warranty purchase.

They’ll be able to also see and manage all their products with warranties. There’s an entry point to upload a list of products that the user already has. There is a simple way to visualize all the product warranty specifically, get alerts on expiry dates and scan products to get warranty details.

A status field to see the status and warranty type of each product, and the ability to extend any warranty when needed.

The visibility on the home screen shows where users can see the coverage they have, what is covered in the terms of the products they purchased, any benefits if available, ability to add existing warranty of any product purchased and the submission process of any claim(s), coverage that already exists.


Informing the customer and giving them the tool needed to place them ahead is important to the success of any Application. From the initial conversation with the Evaluwit team, it was communicated that the consumer is important to them, and we made sure to put that into every process and thought in the building of the App.

We made sure to carry the Evaluwit team in every process, making sure that we still put into consideration the heart of the project which is evident in the colours, font and general outlook while still creating the mobile interface that makes warranty management convenient for every consumer.

We loved working on this project and we are proud to have played an important role in designing what is set to become a game changer.