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Estate Guru Pro

Estate Planning Made Simple: Web Design for an Innovative Fintech Startup

Services Design & Development

The Challenge

Estate Guru Pro is a cutting edge legal and fintech startup that provides simple estate planning tools for financial advisors. Estate planning has been stuck in the same place for decades: long forms, hours with attorneys, and ridiculous fees. Estate planning can also be a headache to understand. Financial advisors are sometimes hesitant to recommend estate planning solutions, depriving clients often of an important financial vehicle.

With EG Pro, advisors have a cloud-based digital estate planning tool powered by AI. They can just plug it in and everything is taken care of for the advisor, the attorney, compliance, and the client. This cuts down the cost for the client and unlocks additional revenue streams for advisors. Everybody wins.


Explain the product benefits
Highlight the wide variety of product use cases
Educate advisors on how to deploy the product in their practice
Generate appointments

User Experience

Falling in love at first sight

To help them show off all the ways EG Pro makes people’s lives easier, we created an ultra long landing page that captures all of the benefits. The way we leveraged contrast, imagery, and UI makes you want to keep scrolling. As a result, the user thinks “wow, this can do a lot for me” instead of “oof, this is overwhelming.”

Product Presentation

he unique thing about the product is that it has so many applications in so many different contexts. Whether you’re a financial advisor, accountant, or real estate professional. And the benefits vary depending on your practice. So instead of creating one master product page, we created a template to show the product benefits based on the industry. For each industry, we:

Tell a story on how EG Pro can help make life easier
Show specific product use cases and benefits
Provide a starter kit on incorporating estate planning
Provide CTAs to book a demo with an industry expert

Education and Resources

Since estate planning can be tricky, we created a resource center that allows advisors to learn everything they need. It includes articles, webinars, and interactive guides. We designed the information architecture of the resource center to align with the estate planning process. This makes it easy for the advisor to find help based on where they are in the process. We also integrated Calendly to automate the appointment scheduling process. And we strategically placed CTAs throughout the site based on where the user was in the journey


We were able to help the sales team save time with a 10% decrease in the redundant support inquiries thanks to the online resources. Once the website launched, the site drove a 18% increase in revenue for that quarter.
“Malik is an extremely insightful and meticulous designer. He was responsive, attentive to detail and inquisitive on our opinions and design focus. The crux of his success was his gift for open, straightfoward and articulate communication. He excels at keeping communication flowing without being burdensome with time or requirements on our part. He excels at designing with the end client in mind while not losing focus on simplicity. No doubt our ROI with Malik has been on of the best investments we made. We will keep working with Malik as our needs evolve and expand. I’d recommend Malik to anyone with web design and consulting needs.”

CEO, Estate Guru