Launching the Guyana Economic Development Trust

Services Web Design | Development

The Challenge

EDF, a Guyana based company needs a seamless way for their target audience to be able to understand what they do as a company, the offering, and the benefit of their services thru their website. Getting access to the right information when it comes to business management and fundings hasn’t been an easy journey for most business owners, more reason why EDF made the decision to create a point of contact to enable them get all they want at a go.

The Approach

A responsive website that clearly communicates EDF’s business objectives, their offerings, and provides the user with the information needed for engagement

Our Objective

  • Identify the target audiences of EDF, their needs, goals, priorities, and pain points.
  • Design clear information architecture to facilitate key user interactions, including engagement and contact inquiries.
  • Design a responsive, easy-to-maintain website that meets user needs and is consistent with existing branding content.

The Design Brief

Initially before this project, EDF was just an idea born from an existing company called GEDT. GEDT is an economic development company based in the USA, but the business structure/model wasn’t fully focused on the people of Guyana, there was certainly no way for potential users or target audience to learn about the business as it relates to their demographic area. We worked with EDF to design a responsive, engaging, and accessible website to increase visibility, promote the brand, and to allow their target audience to easily understand the objective and reach out.

Phase 1: Survey & Questionnaire

For us to better understand the needs and priorities of the project, we designed a questionnaire for the client to get an in-depth insight of the brand, its background, vision, value proposition, target audience, audience demographic, and design taste. Beyond just designing a website, it was so important for us to align with the client on their desires and proposed results from the design.

The survey gave us insight into the company, the expectation of the client, essential information that was needed to better design a responsive and engaging website in order to foster a desirable and successful engagement with the existing and future users. In addition, the survey was important for identifying the business needs, and offerings, as it relates to their proposed target audience.

Phase 2 : Interaction Design

User Interface Design

Thinking through the design outlook of the website, the structure was created using details gotten from the questionnaire. Bringing Guyana to its people We made sure to design an engaging and catchy landing page that explicitly communicated the concept of the brand at one glance. Giving you an in-depth view of the entirety of the website, we made sure to design the required pages:

Designing the Landing Page for Success

This page tells the visitors everything they need to know about EDF at one glance. Breaks down the objective, mission, and offerings of the brand. With multiple call to actions that lead the user to either make enquiries or learn more, we made sure to list out the important information and put it right in front of the user

Articulating the Vision

Gives the user an insight into the plans and motive of the brand. Talks on the mission of EDF and how it ties to the target audience demographic area.

Key Takeaways

Making sure to establish a clear and open conversation with client is integral to a project’s success From the get go, the client made sure to communicate their needs to us, and was very much open to our professional inclusions and advice. Aside from being the professionals at what we do, we ensured to carry the client along in every of our decision making process, especially