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Designing a Website to Make Fintech Feel Fun

Services Design, Development

The Challenge

AwiPay is a digital wallet that allows Caribbeans consumers to easily manage their day to day financial needs. It saves people time and energy and connects them to a variety of services under one roof.

AwiPay was founded because Caribbean access to mobile and internet technology is growing rapidly. Society has begun shifting from cash to credit. Digital payments will inevitably become a necessary utility. AwiPay has the opportunity to lead the charge as the first Caribbean digital wallet.


They came to us because they needed a website to introduce their products and services to the world.

User Experience

Much of the legwork was on this one was about thinking through the visual design. So once that was confirmed, The site structure was fairly straightforward.

Visual Design

AwiPay is more than a digital wallet, it’s a movement. AwiPay stands for empowerment, liberation, and fun. AwiPay lives and breathes culture, staying true to their Caribbean heritage.
So we wanted to design a website that felt fun, vibrant, and fresh.

Fun, Vibrant, and Fresh.

The use of bouncy abstract shapes to mask images creates a certain playfulness. The use of cut out background shapes throughout the site also adds to the fun: almost like party confetti lining the background.

Introducing the Product to the World

We gave them a vibrant and an engaging landing page that served as the elevator pitch for the company and told consumers everything they needed to know.

The first module gives an overview of the key value prop and lists all the benefits. To go beyond a standard list, we created a scrolling module that has a blow-up effect any time you hover on the benefit. This gives the illusion the each benefit is coming to life.

So Many Benefits. Can’t Let Them Go Unnoticed

The product page spoke to the special sauce of the app. AwiPay is unique because it allows people to pay for all their bills from one app. From utilities, to phone bills, to charity donations.
That’s incredible and we wanted to make sure that didn’t go unnoticed. So we created a page listing all of the services and integrations available in the app.
We leveraged a simple 2-column layout pairing a bold UI shot with a descriptive text.

Get Questions Answered and Get to Know the Brand

To make the site feel a little more personal, we included an about page that allows people to get to know the team and the mission. This was important since partnerships are key part of AwiPay’s strategy.
We also included an Integrations page that shows all of the different partners AwiPay supports. This shows users all the different things they can pay for under one roof and really lets you see how expansive the value-add is.

In case people have specific questions they need answers to, they can always click over to the FAQ or reach out to get the help they need.

Parting Thoughts

This project was a ton of fun. We always like the challenge of trying to turn the mundane into the magical. Payments can often feel old and stogy, but they don’t have to. Especially when speaking to such a vibrant community in the Caribbean.

We loved thinking through all the different ways to brand could show up and which mood, colors, and brand elements really bring that story to life.