Operation: Help the People

Redesigning the Online Experience for Jamaica’s #1 Youth Nonprofit

A Compelling Experience for Donors and Volunteers

We made sure to incorporate Call-to-Actions throughout the websites to ensure donors and volunteers were never more than 1 click away from a donation or a signup.


Visual StoryTelling

When it comes to cause-driven organizations, it’s so important to establish an emotional connection with the user around the problem being solved. We did this through visual storytelling and using strong images that showed the team in action and the joy of the communities they’re serving

Ensuring Accountability

To promote organizational accountability and give donors a way to experience the projects firsthand
Created a robust portfolio page detailing all past projects, as well as a hub of documentaries and project footage

Establishing Credibility

Establishing credibility was another huge focus.
We worked with OHTP to identify which data points to surface to clearly show the impact of the organization. We then highlighted all of their past partnerships and press features. And we made sure to let donors know what they can expect when they invest.

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