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Encore Trust Management Services is a family office for individuals with a net worth less $30 million. Encore Trust provides a turn-key interface necessary to complete the day-to-day financial, reporting and other administrative tasks involved with implementing a sophisticated trust-based financial plan. Most individuals build their financial lives without a master plan, and the result can be something like a patchwork quilt: All over the place. Encore Trusts is here to change that.
The Challenge

Prior to consulting with us, Encore had no online presence. They did everything through relationships and in-person and over the phone meetings. One can easily see how this can become cumbersome. They needed a simple way to filter potential clients, share who they are, what they do, and what financial services/products they offer. So they came to us to help them design and launch their brand. Their business serves high net worth individuals who are typically older in age.

So we wanted to design a brand that was Simple, Conservative, Sophisticated, and Elegant

Brand Strategy | Web/UX Design

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